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We provide you with a full range of freight forwarding services including air transportation, sea transportation, land transportation, customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and supply chain. In addition to rich routes, reasonable prices, professional operation and high-quality services, we will also launch an online freight platform system to bring you a new logistics experience!

Southeast Asia special line is an international logistics special line service developed by international logistics for shipments exported to Southeast Asian countries. The Southeast Asia special line covers more than ten Southeast Asian countries and regions, and the package can be delivered in an average of 4-6 days. It has the characteristics of fast timeliness, low price and no remote additional charges. It is especially suitable for shipments to Southeast Asian countries with high timeliness requirements.

Customers only need to contact us to pick up the goods or send the goods to our warehouse located in Bantian, Shenzhen and Yiwu, Zhejiang. The subsequent customs declaration, tax refund, customs clearance and transportation until the goods are delivered to the door are handled by our company for you, which greatly reduces the labor cost.


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